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There are significant financial responsibilities involved, which can lead to some unpleasant surprises for inexperienced pet owners. Choice was informed by Dr Bronwyn Orr, a Companion Animals scientist at RSPCA Australia, that there are “inherent costs” associated with pet ownership. These include shelter, food, vet care and enrichment.

The Spruce Pets also reported that the annual cost to own a dog ranges from $1,400 to $4.300. There are many ways to save money depending on your choices. Factors that can impact your budget include the age and size of your dog, their individual needs, your lifestyle and where you live. These are five major and possibly unexpected costs of owning a dog.

  1. Replacing or repairing household items

Dog breeds and puppies can sometimes be mischievous. Pups especially young ones are notorious for chewing on almost everything. Although a few shoes or clothing items will not cost a lot, it is worth knowing that costly furniture damage can be expected. Wise Bread explains this. Dogs can ruin tables and couches, and some breeds can cause expensive damage to your home. If your dog likes to scratch at your back door, it will cost you dearly. Family Handyman points out that even the strongest doors are not built to withstand such constant abuse. Some doors can be repaired using good-quality paint. However, severe damage will require a replacement which can cost on average $1,200.

Be prepared if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, jumps when he sees another dog or squirrel outside. Rain Jordan, a professional dog trainer and canine behavior specialist, said that it is very likely that your pooch will break a window. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety may jump on windows to see who is there and/or fear. For more information on separation anxiety in dogs, and other behavior issues, visit Well Pet Coach. It is possible to repair a broken window by replacing it. HomeAdvisor estimates that it will cost between $175 and $1,300.

  1. Emergency Vet Bills

Exercise with your pet or a healthy diet is a great way to keep them happy. You can’t predict the future. However, Pumpkin can help you protect your pet’s health.

As a pet parent, it is important to be prepared for all the unexpected. The cost of unexpected expenses such as emergencies, natural disasters, chronic diseases, and other unplanned costs can add up to thousands or hundreds of thousands each year. Pawp provided a list of average costs for emergency vet visits in their article.

These estimates were compiled by Emergency Vets USA and offer an average of common emergency care needs for cats and dogs:

  • Consultation/general exam: $100-$150
  • General bloodwork: $80-$200
  • Ultrasound: $300-$600
  • X-rays: $150-$250
  • Emergency surgery: $800-$2,500
  • 1-2 day hospitalization: $600-$1,700
  • 3-5 day hospitalization: $1,500-$3,500
  • Wound repair and treatment: $800-1,500
  • Therapy with oxygen: $500

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance’s most recent Cost of Pet Health Care Report outlines the actual cost of dog care. It also includes case studies on pet injuries and illnesses as well as their associated vet costs. According to the report, an emergency vet visit costs anywhere from $250 up to $8,000. According to the survey, an emergency vet visit can cost anywhere from $250 to $8,000.

  1. Dog arthritis and joint care at home

Tenants may have to pay additional fees for adding a pet to their household. Tenants with pets may be subject to higher pet fees, higher rents, and higher security deposits from landlords. A pet fee is a one-time fee that allows a pet to live in an apartment. Pet deposits are for damage to the property caused by pets, such as stained or scratched carpets and flooring. To explain why you want to keep a portion of your pet deposit, or even all of it, if the renter’s pet causes damage. As with all deposits, the renter will be refunded their pet deposit in full if the pet did not cause damage.

Remember that state laws regarding pet fees and deposits can vary. Always do your research before you pay the landlord. The only difference between pet fees and pet deposits is that pet fees can be refunded. Pet fees and deposits are often between $100 and $500. However, this can vary from one state to the next.

  1. Costs of dog liability insurance

XINSURANCE is an animal liability insurance company that claims even the most friendly pets can get pushed to the limit and snap at will. Unaccustomed people can interpret a playful nip as aggression. According to them, “dogs are the leading cause of homeowners insurance claims.” This is not to mention the potential for property damage from dogs with separation anxiety and dogs who dig. Dog liability insurance is a great option.

According to the insurer, liability insurance for dogs will protect you from any damages or incidents that may occur if your pet is owned. The cost of pet liability insurance can be as low as $10 per month for policies that cover $10,000 to $30,000 with a $250 deductible to $2,500. The cost of your pet insurance policy depends on your dog’s breed and size as well as the coverage you choose. Animal liability insurance doesn’t cover injuries your dog causes to other members of your family or to you, the owner, and your property. Also excluded are commercial animals like breeding, show, or farm dogs, boarding and updating vaccinations.

  1. Additional expenses when traveling with a dog

Consumer Reports states that the average airline fee for a pet is $100 to $125. This includes a one-way fee for bringing your dog in the cabin. It can also cost $30 to $250 to buy a complaint pet carrier.

This same source also stated that travel fees can quickly add up even before you leave your home. These fees include microchicking your pet and vet checks for an airline health certificate. If you are planning to bring your pet along on vacations, be aware of the following:

Vaccination updates.

Air travel costs.

Additional costs such as a travel bed or a carrier that meets flight requirements are included.

According to Consumer Reports, hotel costs are on average $20 per pet per night. However, it is possible to charge up to $100 per night.

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