Dog Arthritis and joint care at home

By: AnthonyVolz

Many dogs suffer from arthritis and joint pains with age. These problems should be treated immediately by a veterinarian if your dog develops them. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, you need to be able to take care of him or her at home. These are nine ways to help your dog cope with joint pains and arthritis.

Pay Attention to Your Dog

Watch out for signs and symptoms of arthritis in your dog. You should check to see if your dog is limping or staying still more often. Your dog might limp to one side, or avoid standing on one leg if possible. This could indicate a problem in the joints of your dog’s leg.

It is important to pay attention to your dog’s inability or unwillingness to move about. This could also be a sign of joint problems. Your dog may also struggle to get up from a chair or jump from different heights. If your dog is experiencing these symptoms, make sure to treat him/her and to see a doctor immediately.

Use joint supplements for dogs

Joint supplements can be purchased and used to treat arthritis in dogs. Joint supplements can be used to help strengthen your dog’s bones, relieve arthritis symptoms and prevent it from developing. These supplements can help your dog feel better and prevent future problems with their joints.

Talk to your vet if you are considering using joint supplements. You should also check with your vet if any of the supplements could cause side effects for medication. Joint supplements are a great option to help your dog with his arthritis and joint problems at home. You may be apprehensive about the quality of today’s dog joint supplements. Check out The Pampered Pup’s list.

Be with your dog when you need it

You may have to lift your pet dog, depending on where you live, to aid arthritis. You don’t want your dog to do too much damage to the joints if they have arthritis or joint pains. You will need to pay attention to your dog.

You should always take your dog up and down stairs whenever you are taking them to another place. Dogs with arthritis can fall, slip and injure their bodies on stairs. You should always carry your dog when the stairs are being used.

Never Overwork Your Dog

Dog owners can push their dogs too hard in certain activities, such as walking and other physical activities. If your dog is having difficulty getting up from the bed because of arthritis, don’t force it. You should instead make it easier for your pet or assist him/her as needed.

You should also help your dog get up and down from their bed. Some people provide a pillow or a table so that their dogs have an easier time getting up from the couch. It all depends on your available resources and your ability to keep your dog from getting too tired.

Keep important belongings on the first floor

Dogs love their belongings. If your dog develops arthritis and you have a second level, keep all of his or her belongings there. This will make it easier for your dog to reach those belongings from the first floor without having to use the stairs.

You might leave your dog’s favorite toys upstairs so that he/she can use the stairs. To prevent your dog using the stairs without your assistance, it is better to place your favorite toys downstairs. Keep it there if your dog is fond of a particular item or uses it often.

Buy a Dog Ramp

A dog ramp is a great option if you are unable to lift your dog, or you don’t have the time. This special device creates a flat surface that your dog can climb up. It makes it easy to allow your dog to climb up on your couch, bed, or car. To gain easy access to these areas, your dog will only need to walk up the ramp.

You can buy a ramp for your dog and place it next to your bed. This will allow your dog access to your bed even when you aren’t there. If you don’t mind moving the ramp around depending on your dog’s needs, you can buy multiple dog ramps.

Let your dog sleep in your room

While some people prefer to have their dog sleep in the same bedroom, others prefer them to be in a separate room. You should keep your dog in the same room during the evening if they develop arthritis. This will allow for you to take care of your dog and keep an eye on it.

It’s possible that your dog might have problems at night. You have the option of taking care of your dog if he or she is having trouble sleeping, or if he needs to go somewhere. You should always keep your dog close to you if your pet sustains an injury.

Walks based on your needs

You can help your dog to manage joint pains by adjusting his or her walks according to the situation. Your dog may be fine walking for thirty minutes, but it may be too much for his or her joint problems. To avoid injury to your dog, you should reduce the amount of walks and decrease their frequency.


To determine if your dog needs to be walked more carefully, you will need to keep an eye on him or her. If your dog struggles, limps, or has other problems while on walks with you, it is important to observe. This will help you to know if your walks are not meeting your dog’s needs.

As dogs age, arthritis is more common in dogs. You must take the time to properly care for your dog, and to treat any problems that may arise. These tips will help you make your furry friend feel at home and manage his or her arthritis.