Christmas Holiday Dangers For Pets

By: AnthonyVolz

The holidays are a fun and exciting time for many people. However, for pets they can pose a problem and can cause unexpected dangers. These are some ways to keep your pets safe this Christmas.

Safety for pets and Christmas trees

Keep the water in the Christmas tree stand covered if you have real Christmas trees. Ingestion of pine sap can be dangerous.

To prevent pets from knocking the tree over, secure it to the ceiling or wall with fishing line and a hook.

Tree lights shouldn’t be left on when you aren’t there, as your pets might get caught in the cords. When you aren’t using the tree lights, unplug them.

After you have decorated your tree, take out all the ornament hooks, ribbon, and tinsel from the floor. While these glittery objects may look great for your pet, they can cause illness if they are ingested. Surgery may be necessary to save your pet’s life if there is a gastrointestinal obstruction.

Decorate the bottom third of your tree with plastic or wood ornaments that won’t break if your pets are interested in playing with them.

Gifts, plants, and candles for the holidays

To prevent pets from being tempted by the scents of human food, keep all gift items off the floor. Pets can be allergic to human treats, especially food that contains alcohol, chocolate, raisins, and onions.

Poinsettias or mistletoe, as well as holiday plants, can pose a danger to pets if they are chewed on. You can either keep holiday plants out of reach of your pets or purchase artificial plants.

People love to light candles at this time of the year. However, they can pose a danger to pets. Place burning candles in areas that are not accessible to pets. Don’t leave candles unattended. Pets that are allergic to scented candles can develop asthma.