How to care for a cat as a pet

By: AnthonyVolz

The cat is another popular pet choice. It’s known for being independent, but can also sit and purr on people’s laps. Revolution Plus is the Revolution Plus for cats best price is always available on World Pet Express, and it’s the same for Revolution Plus for dogs too. Find your pet the most effective full-spectrum parasite prevention.

Cats are often seen lying in the sun or any other warm place. They also love to play and can hunt fiercely. This natural instinct can endanger wildlife. Therefore, providing your cat with mental and physical stimulation may help to stop them hunting.

How to get a cat owner’s license?

1. Litter boxes

A litter box is a great idea for every cat. Cats are very clean and will not let you leave any messes in their home.

2. Peeing outside of the litter tray

You should see a vet if your cat is urinating in any other place than the tray.

3. Scratching post

They are great to have around the house. These will keep your cat’s claws healthy and prevent them from scratching furniture.

4. Behaviour

You should take your cat to the vet if they start acting out, such as over-grooming, hiding, spraying, or becoming aggressive.

5. Safe spaces

Cats can be very nervous so make sure they have plenty of hiding spots and that they have access to water and food. You might also want to place a blanket or cushion on top of cupboards and wardrobes for cats who like to climb up high.

6. Feeding

What should I feed my cat? Although cats naturally prefer small meals throughout the day, most owners will feed their cat larger meals twice daily (once in the morning and once in the afternoon).

The meals should be at least 12 hours apart if you choose the second option. You should also keep cat food away from the water bowl and litter trays.

7. Cat grass

Cats like to chew on grass from time to time. This helps them digest. If you don’t have access to a garden, you can purchase cat grass. This will stop them from chewing on your plants.

8. Going outside

Some cats are more active outdoors than others, but not all cats. If you decide to take your cat outside, ensure they are at least six months old and have been microchipped.

It is best to keep all garden equipment, chemicals and ponds closed. A cat flap is a great idea.

Cat owners are choosing a catio or fenced-in patio for their pet. Cat parents are now reconsidering allowing their cats to roam due to the dangers posed by other animals and traffic.