Introduce your cat to a new company

By: AnthonyVolz

Introduce your cat to a new company

Cats prefer being alone and enjoy company. You will need to introduce them to other pets or people carefully. You may be thinking of getting a Introduce your cat or dog or are on vacation. Here are our tips to keep your cat happy with new people.

If your cat loves people and you are going away,

Some cats prefer to be left alone, while others love being surrounded by people. It’s important to keep your cat company if they enjoy company.

You should ensure that your cat is taken care of while you are away on vacation. It could be family, friends, or even a house sitter. But the most important thing is that you have someone who you trust and can get along with your cat. Take a look at our guide to what to do when you’re on vacation and how to leave your pet home.

If you are getting a new cat

Cats prefer to live in their own homes, so make sure you think carefully before you get another cat. While most cats are friendly with the cats they have grown up with, they might not be comfortable sharing their home with a new cat.

You will need to be patient and careful if you decide to adopt another cat. Learn everything you need in our guide to introducing cats.

Keep in mind that cats that are not friendly to each other won’t share food, water, litter, or beds. They don’t like to be near each other. You can give your pet enough space to avoid them and ensure they have access to all the things they need.

If you are getting a new dog

Although dogs and cats can have close relationships, you need to be cautious about how you introduce your cat or dog to another pet. You should introduce them slowly, making sure that they are comfortable with each other. For lots of tips and tricks on how to make cat and dog happy and relaxed when they meet, read our guide to introducing cats and dogs.

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